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T t Week


No school Fairfax County School Holiday



>Picasso Turkeys

>Indian Corn

>Color 1 to 5 turkeys



Letter T Share Day

>Lace canoes

>Paint spud turkeys




>Totem pole shields

>Finish spuds

>Jinnie Lee reads at 12:40 PM


THE WEEKLY NEWS--Week Ending Oct 31

>Thanks to everyone who sent in a tie, we still need a few

>Phone conferences schedule. Phone conferences will be coming up in the next few weeks. This is not mandatory and is not the time to talk about Kindergarten.  They will be November 17 through 20.  If interested, you may sign up here - available days and times are posted.  

>All notes and correspondence must come via the Daily Folder.  We do not check their school bags or lunches for notes.

>Please consider signing up to be a Friday Reader it is a great way see your child with his or her classmates and to share new books with our class. Plenty of dates are open!

>The White House Ornament fund raiser has begun.  Please contribute if you can! Each ornament is $18.00.

>VERY IMPORTANT - No heat at Andrew Chapel - next Wednesday and Thursday - a new boiler is being installed.  Dress warmly.


>We will be starting our Native American Unit next week. Introduced the symbols we will be drawing and talking about each day, they enjoyed guessing.

>We had a fun week learning the letters X and Y.  There will not be Letter Bags next week with the short week.  We will have T Share Day on Thursday. There will not be any more reminders for our Thursday Share Day please check calendar for Letter of the week



>The sounds and form of the Letters X and Y.

>We worked on improving our small motor skills by continuing our cutting, working mazes, tracing and putting together floor puzzles.

>Please stop by and see our Picasso Turkeys that will be hanging in the halls next week.

>We made human Xs and Ys.         



>Ask your child to find three things that start with the letter X or Y.

>Continue to work with your child to review their recognition of numbers 1 through 6.

>Review calendar with your child, preparing for the letter T.

>Please help your child to learn how to put on their coat with 12 children in the class, each child who can put on their coat is a big help.  Almost the whole class can put on their coats and some are zippering. Thanks for the help!

>Please work with your children to count the spider legs!!


>November 3 and 4 - no school, Fairfax County days off

>Monday, November 10: Dad's visit classroom - 9 to 10 am

>November 17, 18, 19, 20: Phone Conferences

>Monday, November 24: Thanksgiving Feast -Details to follow!

>Next Expected Weekly News Update: Saturday, November 9

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