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H h Week



>Haunted Houses




H Letter Bags

>Halloween art

>PE - Nature Hike




H-Share Day

>Trace Hs

>Haunted Houses on Hs

>Popcorn Hands




>Spider Day

>Varnita Kohli reads at 12:40 PM


THE WEEKLY NEWS--Week Ending Oct. 17

>Dads visit our classroom on Monday, November 10th from 9 to 10 AM.  Please make sure that you have sent an old tie from each dad for a special project (with the child's name on it).  The tie will not be returned! 


>Please take your childs work out of their daily folders each day. They look forward to sharing with you what they have done at school!


>On Wednesday Coach Wright will be taking the class on a Nature Hike. Please be sure your child has proper clothes and socks and tennis shoes for the hike.


>Thank you to our great room mothers and all who have reached out to help make our upcoming Halloween Celebration fun for the children


>We continued our classroom Letter Share Activity by sharing items starting with the letter B. The children are enjoying sharing their letter with the class.

>Introduced the alphabet with learning the letter B.

>Continuing with the recognition and counting of numbers 1 through 5.

>The life of bees, bats and bears Oh My!

>How to take care of our books and listened to great books on tape at our listening section, Buzz Bee to the Rescue, I am Your Bus and The Three Bears Halloween.


>The sounds and form of the Letter B. We made bees and beehives.  Painted Bbs with blue dot markers, Lots of Bs.

>We started our Halloween projects to help decorate the room.

>We worked on improving our small motor skills by making bead necklaces for our feast day in November

>We continued to trace lines and to practice our cutting. We also connected the dots to make a book for the bear and wrote our names. Please practice at home first letter upper case and the rest lower case.

>At free-art the children drew pictures for The Three Bears. They were very creative.

>To continue working on our math skills, we counted 1 through 5 beehives. We also added and subtracted beehives with the goal of always getting to 5.

>In science, we explored the world of bees and bats and made bat headbands (the children cut the heads and the wings they are getting very good at cutting). We also made bats with cut outs of the children's hands to decorate our room. Hope you enjoyed your little bats who came home today!

>The children love puzzles they are working together to do big floor puzzles.


>Ask your child to find three things that start with the letter B.

>Continue to work with your child to review their recognition of numbers 1 through 5..

>Continue to work with your child to review their recognition of all of the letters.

>Review calendar with your child, preparing for the letter H.

>Please help your child to learn how to put on their coat with 13 children in the class, each child who can put on their coat is a big help.


>October 29: Picture Day Bring your smiles to school! NO PE this day.

>October 31: Halloween Celebration - No costumes, wear favorite hat to school

>November 3 and 4 - no school, Fairfax County days off

>Monday, November 10: Dad's visit classroom - 9 to 10 am

>Monday, November 24: Thanksgiving Feast -Details to follow!

>Next Expected Weekly News Update: Saturday, October 25

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